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Open call
Apply to perform at improfest sweden

We are looking for accomplished improv groups that are interested in performing at Improfest Sweden. The festival takes place on the 20th-24th November 2019.

We are looking for performers that are also interested in sharing and learning. We are interested in what you have to show us. You should be interested in the other performers at the festival. We will provide ample opportunity to meet other improvisers, to share your experiences with them, and to learn from their shared experiences.

We are looking for performers that are willing to take advantage of this opportunity.

There is no registration fee.

What we Offer

Mentor Programme

We offer all visiting performers the option to meet one of our internationally recognized mentors. Your team will get two hours with your mentor, who will watch a rehearsal of your show and give you constructive feedback. If you want your mentor to give you brief notes after your late night performance, they will do so.

The mentor’s fee  of 1,200 kronor must be paid in advance no later than September 1st.  

Our Mentors

Application Form


If you link to a video, make it an actual performance. We are not interested in any kind of trailers. Seriously, no fancy trailers!

How many performers will participate at Improfest? You can change this number later.


This is non-binding, but we ask that you kindly only check this box if you do intend to book one of our mentors.

Your mentor session will take place during the daytime or early evening.

Anything else we need to know?

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