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The Art of Making Mistakes


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The Art of Making Mistakes

This book started with a vision and a great deal goes in between.

The Art of making Mistakes is…

A book with several voices. A book that would give new perspectives on mistakes; a book that would help see the hidden possibilities and beauty in mistakes; a book that would offer You a chance to reflect on your  own idea about mistakes, as well as on your attitude towards mistakes.

The Art of making Mistakes asks if mistakes exist in the first place.

All the 17 international writers are professionals in the fields of drama and improvisation: teachers, researchers and artists, who have solid experience in the arts and who all have something to say about mistakes and how they view mistakes and the beauty that lies within them.

This book is divided into two parts. In the first part, the writers reflect upon the philosophy of failure. In the second part, the writers offer workshops in which it is possible to consider one’s own relationship with mistakes, for instance through improv and drama exercises.

Mistakes can hurt so much; it can be so difficult to learn to forgive oneself and to see the possibilities that mistakes offer. How many areas of life there are to make mistakes in! It is amazing how much you can grow through your failures, if only you dare to just be in that moment and carry on from where you left off.
Saija Laukka

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